My Father

Yesterday, November 3rd, was the 3rd anniversary of my father's passing. I spent the day remembering him in conscious nd unconscious ways, upon further reflection.

I began the day working at the church, replacing parts to a commode. Many times I can think of hanging out with Dad as he did minor repairs to a church building. Kim and I went to a funeral in the afternoon of one whose family is associated with our church. The afternoon following was spent reading and listening to one of my father's sermons. the evening was dedicated to football, being a fall Saturday, and many a Saturday have I spent watching either the Crimson Tide or the 'Cats football games with my Dad. I am proud to be my Fathers' son.

I had not thought of how well my Father preached in a long time. The audio I heard was from 1977, the monday service of a revival in Middleton (Ohio I think). I was struck at how communal the event was, and in what ways my Dad attempted to enter into the life of the community. In his opening remarks, he referred to 3 people who were seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost, how he had prayed with them and was believing they would recieve in this revival. He named names. I was surprised at how open it was, that it wasn't shameful to not have recieved, but now everyone shares the burden of ministering to/with these 3 women who were seeking. My father also talked of a husband who was not attending church as under conviction, though this was his interpretation of a request. Conviction is a word not often heard today either, and it was refreshing to hear.

I had not planned to listen to this sermon, but I am glad I stumbled upon it. Because no matter what else he might have done, repairing churches, attending to the families of his cn=ongregation, or even being a football fan, My Dad was a great preacher.