ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The ourCOG Twitter Handle

ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): The ourCOG Twitter Handle

ourCOG.org was launched on 18 October, 2010 at 06:08 AM

Two years after the ourCOG social media was released successfully, it joined Twitter in October 2012 via its Original Twitter/Social Media Account of #ourCOG™ Media Team handle: @ourCOG https://twitter.com/ourcog

This was done for the purpose of auto-archiving #ourCOG social stream using RSSteX proxies like FeedBurner and Paper.li among many others. The proper archive could be seen via the URLs (in green) attached to this post.

Almost immediately, on Oct 11, 2012, 6:59 AM (in the morning AM)
ourCOG, You have a new follower on Twitter: Clark Campbell @BenjaminClark
In times of change, learners inherit the earth… [Followed by Church of God DOE and 4 others.]

Following that same afternoon
Date: Oct 11, 2012 1:49 PM
From: “Clark Campbell” <CCampbell@churchofgod.org>
Subject: Church of God Twitter
To: “ourcog@gmail.com” <ourcog@gmail.com>
Cc: [witheld]

My name is Clark. I manage the social media accounts for the Church of God International Offices.
For the sake of effective communication, can I ask your name?
We are launching many new things in the world of COG on Social Media and we are trying to collaborate with all Church of God social platforms and users.
How long have you been using the @OurCOG twitter handle and what is your mission/purpose in using it? Thanks for your help. Look forward to hearing from you!

Clark Campbell
Creative Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
@BenjaminClark || @PathwayPress || @COGHQ || @OcoeeFCA

The respond followed from @ourCOG – 11 Oct 12
@BenjaminClark Morning sir! It’s a twitter acct dedicated to mainly spread the news gathered here. tinyurl.com/ourcogdaily

and the next morning [07:31 AM – 11 Oct 12]
Clark Campbell @BenjaminClark:
@ourCOG awesome – any way we can chat by email or phone this week? Love the idea, just want to be on the same page ccampbell@churchofgod.org

This seemingly innocent inquiry was followed by this direct message 10 days later:

ourCOG SOCIAL MEDIA: FULL Twitter Archive for the First 5 Years (More to come soon..)

2010 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive 

2011 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive

2012 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive 

2013 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive 

2014 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive 

2015 #ourCOG Full Twitter Archive


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