2024 General Assembly Agenda

2024 General Assembly Agenda

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Comments on the Agenda for the 2014 Church of God General Assembly

It’s that time of the biennium again: Lord willing, the Church of God will gather in Orlando towards the end of next month to consider the business of the church. One think that makes this Assembly different is that there are no Executive Committee members to be elected, although the state Administrative Bishops will go through their usual “musical chairs” rotation. Nevertheless there are some int... »

Church of God 2022 General Assembly Agenda

It’s that time of the biennium (or quadrennium since we lost the 2020 General Assembly in the pandemic) to consider the agenda of the Church of God. A recent additional input to this process is the newly started Church of God Scholars Blog. However, since I’m a) in the Church of God and b) a scholar but c) am not a Church of God scholar, I’ll stick with this forum to express my views. The agenda i... »

Some Thoughts on the 2018 Church of God General Council Agenda

Well, it’s that time of the biennium again, when our ministers and their church pack up and spend several million dollars on the gathering called the General Assembly. I’ve made it my habit to comment on the agenda, which can be found here. The last time, OurCoG copied my comments in serial format (guys, next time give a link back) so perhaps they made a little more impact than usual. It’s true th... »