American pastor #AndrewBrunson has been arrested & imprisoned in Turkey

He spent Christmas in prison. Andrew Brunson is an American citizen who has been serving as a pastor in Turkey for more than 23 years. He and his wife raised their family there. Over two months ago, he was unexpectedly detained and has been unfairly charged with being a member of an armed terrorist organization and is still imprisoned. These are very serious charges. I spoke with Pastor Andrew’s w... »

Churches in the 3rd century

Today’s lesson we will start looking at the churches in the 3rd century. We know that there were many other churches being developed... »

Lee University grad a finalist on ‘American Idol’

Clark Beckham had already enrolled in grad school at Lee University and was set to be the student director of Lee’s Campus Choir when he auditioned for “American Idol” in Nashville last summer. But after judges handed him one of “Idol’s” golden tickets to Hollywood, he postponed campus life in Cleveland Tenn., to follow his dreams in California. “It was a ... »


[Sometimes we don’t know just what to say, but this we always know; OUR ABBA FATHER IS ALWAYS WITH US, he will NEVER leave... »