GA22 AGENDA: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers

Announcement: A special commission will be appointed by the General Overseer to study the feasibility and operational challenges/opportunities of expanding the International Executive Council, as well as the designation of certain groups to be represented, with special emphasis on the following areas that have already been addressed by the International Executive Council but need further study: • ... »

Do you believe in modern Prophets & Apostles?

I recently picked up a Charisma magazine. Generally, I have very literal interest in what's going on in the church world beyond my own neighborhood. I stay loosely informed, but I despise christian fads. What struck me from Charisma was the preponderan... »

I agree with what the Apostles Creed states but so…

I agree with what the Apostles Creed states but so does Satan. I think the Gospel message should have been put in? It’s through putting your faith and trust Jesus Christ that one is saved or something like that. Thoughts? »