Congress fails to reach budget deal; ObamaCare exchanges to start up

Congress blew by a midnight deadline to pass a crucial spending bill, triggering the beginning of a partial government shutdown – the first in 17 years. Lawmakers missed the deadline after being unable to resolve their stand-off over ObamaCare, despite a volley of 11th-hour counterproposals from the House. Each time, Senate Democrats refused to consider any changes to ObamaCare as part of the budg... »

2016 State of the Union Address #ourCOG

2016 State of the Union Address #ourCOG »

This Side Of Wholeness

“And such were some of you.” Paul wrote those words in the context of a list of sins inconsistent with inheriting the kingdom of God. It isn’t an exhaustive list but a list nonetheless that helps us capture the picture. He names the sexually immoral, the idolaters, the adulterers, the practicing of homosexuality, the thieves, […] Related posts:Oh Look; The Other Side! The... »

8 Keys for Annual Church Budget


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