The Seven Deadly Sins of Christian Platform Building

There’s a weird world where marketing, social media, and Christianity have come together online in a dangerous dance. I follow many online Christian platforms and find quite a few of them edifying and thought-provoking. But after walking in this space for a couple years and getting to know quite a few of them, I’ve recognized […] »

Building a Building Committee

When a ministry is growing and it’s clear more space is needed, most leaders know it’s time to assemble a building committee. However, many quickly realize assembling the right team can be significantly more challenging than identifying the need for on... »

Building a Lion Proof Hedge for Your Family – PART 2

Building a Lion Proof Hedge for Your Family – PART 2

Perry Stone teaches from Israel. »

Building the Plane While Flying It

“It might not be the best way to do it, but sometimes it’s the only way to get something new off the ground,” Chuck Quinley shares. For them, it’s the new campus which has been resisted on every level since they began. Rather than always thinking, “Oh, this is hard to do, the Lord must [...] »