Favorite Christian books? Apologetics?

Favorite Christian books? Apologetics? »

Christian Education Pastor, Gainesville, Fla.

Westwood Hills Church of God is seeking a qualified and experienced couple to develop the educational programs for our children/youth, and would serve as the student pastor. This job opportunity […] The post Christian Education Pastor, Gainesvill... »

Be a Real Christian!

I awoke early before dawn today with the reality of time and eternity weighing heavily upon my mind. It seems this world of ours is more like a churning, boiling, troubled sea than anything else right now. It reminds me of an unstable, double-minded, wavering individual like the Apostle James described in James 1:6,”...For he [...] »

Are just surviving in your Christian walk, are or you…

Are just surviving in your Christian walk, are or you thriving in your Christian walk? As Christians we should be thriving. »