Christian College Explosion – 7 injured

At least seven people were injured Tuesday after an explosion on a college campus north of New York City. Rockland Fire and Emergency Services coordinator Gordon Wren Jr. tells Fox News the explosion blew out windows and doors in a two-story building at Nyack College. Wren says seven people were injured in the blast, including one woman who fell from a window and was taken to the hospital. None of... »

Christian Population


Pentagon May Move to Court-Martial Christian Soldiers Who Share Faith

The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense. … Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis.” The statement, released to Fox News, follows a Breitbart News report on Obama administration Pentagon appointe... »

Christian Investment Newsletter Debuts at #1 Billing for Calendar Year 2011

The financial website MarketWatch recently announced that The Christian Utility Investor (TCUI) was rated the #1 investment newsletter for the calendar year 2011 out of the approximately 195 newsletters tracked by the highly respected Hulbert Financial... »