Church of God (Cleveland Tennessee)

Octoberfast // Repentance. Start Here.

  It’s Octoberfast. You can find out more about our student ministry’s emphasis via the link.  This month we are going to be moving through the themes of repentance, recovery, renewal, and reaching out. Element Students: Let’s start with repentance.  Let’s clean house as we embark on this journey.  One of the greatest things you can [...] »

Octoberfast. Let The Ripple Effect Begin.

Octoberfast. Let The Ripple Effect Begin.

Its October, and for our student ministry that means it is time to emphasize spiritual disciplines, with a heavy emphasis on fasting. We call it Octoberfast – a little cheesy, but it works. Leading up to this month we did a couple of series that emphasized prayer and the power of the Word of God [...] »

Lately: Traveling / Training / Equipping / Encouraging

Lately, I have been blessed to journey with a band of brothers united with a common calling (student ministry) and a common mission as of late (serve/ encourage / resource other student pastors).  We are blessed to be a part of a national youth ministry board that is focused on helping student pastors receive free […] »

#trustissues // Leading Teens from Revoked to Renewed Trust

As a student pastor, you see the teens you work with on their highest of highs and lowest of lows.  Lately, I have noticed the low-point conversations centering on a particular issue: trust.  Part of the definition of the word … Continue reading → »