Ukraine crisis: Timeline

November 2014 12 November: Nato commander Gen Philip Breedlove says Russian military equipment and Russian combat troops have been seen entering Ukraine in columns over several days. Will Ukraine return to war? 11 November: Dutch efforts to salvage wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines crash site stall over disagreements with local rebel groups. MH17 Dutch memorial day: Air disaster that touched a n... »

Ukraine in Crisis: What’s happening?

PTS graduate Youry O. wrote us this morning: S.O.S. Urgent Prayer request from Ukraine! Dear friends! We ask you to take with us a heavy burden of prayer for our country, Ukraine and our family. As you may know from watching the news, for the last three months our country was struggling from protests and [...] »

Overcoming A Faith Crisis

Overcoming A Faith Crisis

Everyone experiences doubt during our lives. Doubt leads to worry and worry can lead to stress and physical maladies. In his message “Overcoming A Faith Crisis” lead pastor Kelvin Page gives biblical principles and practical tips on maintaining your faith through tough times. His scripture reference is John chapter 20, verses 24-29. 🛎 Subscribe to this channel for inspiring messages an... »

COVID-19 Food Crisis

“One of the hidden tragedies that is occurring in many of the poorer countries of our world due to the COVID-19 Pandemic is the dark shadow of hunger and food shortages. In so many of the countries where the Church of God is strong in membership and most of our pastors are bi-vocational, most jobs [...] »