Closer Now Than Before

If you thought you had plenty of time yet to give to Alma’s Closet for the 2018 General Assembly, we have to tell you that the Assembly is almost here. This is it! Wonderful, dedicated missionaries are expecting some of their dreams to come true when they visit Alma’s Closet. For years, World Missions and [...] »

CyberWAR Timeline #ourCOG Roundup

2001 July The worm named Code Red affects computer networks running a Microsoft operating system. Some websites, including the White House site, are disabled. 2003 Anonymous, the group of hackers who refer to themselves as “Internet activists” and attack government, corporate, and religious websites, is organized. While the group avoids adhering to a strict philosophy, its members seem... »

I am still in love with Pentecostalism

But I am still in love with Pentecostalism. She is my lover and, as far as I can tell, always will be. She took... »