19 Dec 2023

Strong and shallow M5.9 earthquake hits Gansu-Qinghai border region, China  A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.9 hit the Gansu-Qinghai border region, China at 15:59 UTC (23:59 LT) on December 18, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of […] The post 19 Dec 2023 appeared first on Rapture Ready. »

17 Dec 2023

Moscow faces strongest snowfall in 150 years Cyclone Vanya has paralysed Moscow on December 15. The height of snowdrifts in Moscow set a record in almost 150 years, meteorologists said. Cold wave freezes most of China, shutting highways, roads President Xi Jinping called for “all-out” emergency response efforts as a cold wave extended its grip […] The post 17 Dec 2023 appeared first on Rapture Rea... »

18 Dec 2023

Sodom-likeness Grows The homosexual lobby in the days of Lot in Sodom, according to God’s Word as told in the 19th chapter of Genesis, must have indeed been in control of city government –and all other aspects of city life. This likelihood is ascertainable because Lot was a high city official in city government. He […] The post 18 Dec 2023 appeared first on Rapture Ready. »

18 Dec 2023

Forces of Darkness Working Overtime APOSTASY AND DOCTRINES OF DEMONS Satanic Temple set up public display in Iowa Capitol building: ‘Very dark, evil force.’ Also see Satanic Statue in Iowa Capitol Gets Destroyed by Christian Veteran (VIDEO). The world and many of today’s churches are trying to lead alleged followers of Jesus to the slaughter. […] The post 18 Dec 2023 appeared first on Rapture Read... »