Fruit-Bearing Faith :: By Nathele Graham

Fruit trees are beautiful. They look very dreary until Spring comes and they burst with leaves and flowers. That’s only the start. As the year progresses, fruit begins to form, and each tree will bring forth delicious, nourishing fruit. Before we come to faith in Jesus, life can be pretty dreary. Each day is just […] The post Fruit-Bearing Faith :: By Nathele Graham appeared first on Rapture Ready... »

A Love Story Anchored in Faith: A Eulogy to Ruby Jean Knight

The Gap Hill community first became personal for me in January of 1978. Before then Gap Hill was mostly defined … »

The Basic Fundamentals of Faith

The Basic Fundamentals of Faith

Pastor Shane Brown gives a Bible-based teaching about the fundamentals of faith. »

In Hebrews 11 why is Rahab included in the “Hall of Faith” while the spies are not?

Hebrews 11 list a number of people that Hebrews 12:1 calls a "great a cloud of witnesses". Among them are the usual suspects: Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. But there are also some lesser names, including Abel, Enoch, an... »