Presbyterians Vote to Allow Gay Marriage by Whopping 3-1 Ratio

The Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Thursday to allow gay and lesbian weddings within the church, making it among the largest Christian denominations to take an embracing step toward same-sex marriage. By a 76-24 percent vote, the General Assembly of the 1.8 million-member PCUSA voted to allow pastors to perform gay marriages in states where they are legal. Delegates, meeting in Detroit this week,... »

Obama urges court to overturn gay marriage ban

Obama urges court to overturn gay marriage ban

The Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage and turn a skeptical eye on similar prohibitions across the country. The administration says unequivocally in a legal brief filed late Thursday that gay marriage should be allowed to resume in California, where it has been barred since the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008. It does not expli... »

Would Jesus want you to bake a gay wedding cake?

Andy Stanley: Jesus would want you to bake a gay wedding cake Megachurch pastor rejects his father’s bigotry: Jesus would want you to... »

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