GA22 AGENDA: Human Identity and Sexuality

VI. Resolution Concerning Human Identity and Sexuality No Church of God minister shall permit any employee of any church or institution of the church, under their direct authority, to knowingly participate in using or verbally affirming the use of a self-selected gender identity that is incongruent with the individual’s biological sex. Ministers are prohibited and must prohibit their employees from ... »

The Name and Identity of God: A Different Approach

I have argued against passing agenda item 20 for the following reasons: 1) it overreaches with its ambiguous use of “title”; 2) we should not continue to add doctrinal commitments to the obligations for ministers; 3) the statement sets a precedent of f... »

Gender Identity Affirmation Motion: Some Practical Considerations

Tim CranfillI am burdened by the Gender Identity Affirmation motion that is item #7 on the agenda for the upcoming General Council. This is not the first General Council item I have been disturbed by and I am sure it wi... »

Protestants Declare Their Catholicity On Easter

A curious contradiction happens nearly every year. Virtually all the Christian world will observe the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in unison, on... »