The Prosperity Gospel And The Spirit Of Consumerism According To Joel Osteen

PNEUMA 39 (2017) 318–341 The Prosperity Gospel and the Spirit of Consumerism According to Joel Osteen Peter Mundey* University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center,... »

Is Jesus called YHWH in Joel 2:32/Romans 10:13?

In Romans 10, Paul is discussing the Lord Jesus, and in verse 13, he writes (NKJV, emphasis mine): For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” The reason "LORD" is capitalized by the New King James Version here ..... »

At Simpsonville, Md. CHURCH OF GOD, Camp meeting…When Joel 2:28…

At Simpsonville, Md. CHURCH OF GOD, Camp meeting…When Joel 2:28 was being read, by Rev T.L. Lowery…….. UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (reading in tongues) THAT The Anointing there was so great, A mist came (from the left front) across the great auditorium, OF ABOUT 3000 ..SOULS… What do you think? Would Joel 2:28 be read in tongues? »

Joel Osteen Believes Homosexuality Is a Sin, but Won’t Preach It

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, spoke with Larry King on his online show, Larry King Now, Monday. Watch him talk about why his ministry attracts Muslims and atheists, how he differs from Billy Graham and why he doesn’t preach on homosexuality. WATCH the FULL VIDEO HERE:   »

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