Prophecy Update July 20, 2023 :: By Randy Thomas

Video: Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 7/20/23 Biden finally invites Netanyahu to the White House, but with suspicious timing; Putin terminates Black Sea grain deal, worsening Global food shortage; Central banks planning to introduce CBDC mi... »

Prophecy Update July 14, 2023 :: By Randy Thomas

Video: Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – 7/14/23 Hezbollah threatens war with Israel, Russia threatens WW3, and we are starting to experience the apocalyptic weather of the end times! Blessings, Randy The post Prophecy Update July 14, 2023 :: ... »

July 10: 7 Tammuz

It was on this day in 1938 that President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for an international conference at Evian, France, for the purpose of considering what to do with “displaced persons,” meaning Jews. The negligible results at this particular conference accentuated the passive attitude the West had to what the Nazis were already doing, not […] The post July 10: 7 Tammuz appear... »

This Day, July 11, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

July 11 1174: Amalric I who had been King of Jerusalem since 1162 passed away.  During his reign most of the Jews were expelled from Jerusalem; a ban that would last until 1175. 1244: “Khorezmian Turkish horsemen launch an attack on Jerusalem, s... »