This modern CoG crowd don't have the market on inward…

This modern CoG crowd don’t have the market on inward heart holiness. I heard more preaching against women with bee-hive hair, no make-up and long dresses who didn’t have inward heart holiness. There was plenty of preaching against their gossiping and mean spirited tongue. “They needed to cut their tongue and not their hair!” They made lot of people angry. The truth hurt th... »

#StrangeFire Hits the Market

John MacArthur’s Strange Fire: Estranged by misinterpretation? John MacArthur’s Strange Fire, Reviewed by R. Loren Sandford Frank Macchia on the Gifts of God to the Church John MacArthur’s Strange Fire, Reviewed by Eddie L. Hyatt John MacArthur’s Strange Fire, A Brief Biblical Response by Jon Ruthven John MacArthur’s Strange Fire as Parody of Jonathan Edwards’ Theology, by William De Arteaga  ... »

Doomsday investors betting on market crash

Stocks have had a stellar year so far. In fact, the rally has gotten so heated that some investors are making bets on a big crash. Universa Investments, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year buying crash protection, has attracted a record amount of money into its fund this quarter. “People are starting to recognize that these market moves are unnatural and distorted,” sai... »