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Should all 11 million illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens? #ourCOG Roundup

Biographies, History, and Timelines Timeline of Immigration Legislation in the U.S. A detailed look at immigration legislation from the Colonial Period to the present Immigration Milestones Important milestones in U.S. immigration history Migrant Minors Answers to frequently asked questions about unaccompanied migrant children flooding the U.S. border Biographies of Notable Immigrants Read about famous people who have made America their home The Green Card The “Green Card” was not always green. Read about how the […]

Over 1 Million Support Boycotting A&E Following ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Suspension #StandWithPhil

WEST MONROE, La. (CBS Houston) — Over 1 million people support boycotting A&E following the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. As of Thursday evening, more than 1 million people have “liked” the “Boycott A&E Until Phil Robertson Is Put Back On Duck Dynasty” Facebook page. “This page is to show support for the freedom of speech of Americans. Unless Phil is reinstated to the show, we refuse to watch the A&E Channel!” the […]

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