Freedom House Ministries

It’s hard to believe that we have been helping children in Kenya, Africa since 2005! We began by taking $ 75,000 worth of individual bagged gifts to hundreds of orphans. During that time, my experiences led to living in a remote area of that country and the beginning of the educational, training and sustainable [...] »

His Healing Touch Ministries

Since 1994, Dr. Jeff and Carolyn Chapman EMT-P have led nearly 100 short-term medical mission trips in 37 countries. They started His Healing Touch Ministries in 2005 to work with volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses, and medical personnel to provide basic medical, dental, and optical care in poverty stricken areas of the world. They train [...] »

Pray for Children’s Ministries Around the World

Tragic situations involving children are increasingly consuming the news media. The need for prayer and support has escalated. World Missions has orphanages, feeding centers, educational facilities, and medical clinics for children’s ministries around the globe. Not a day goes by but that the children of our programs don’t need emotional and physical encouragement. They feel [...] »

Restoration Ministries

Restoration Ministries

Associate Missionaries David and Vickie Byrd serve in Guatemala and direct the Restoration Ministries. Restoration, as defined by Webster’s, is the act of returning something (or someone) to a former place or condition. The Bible holds countless examples of restoration in various forms. Restoration Ministries sometimes goes to unusual measures in fulfilling “restoration.” One suc... »