Part 6 Video Devotions: The Working of Miracles

Part 6 Video Devotions: The Working of Miracles

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25 Years of Miracles: 2009

Mission BULGARIA 2009: Services in the Yambol Region At the recent regional ministry conference, where the Yambol, Sliven, Bourgas and Nova Zagora regions were represented, many reported exciting ministry results in various locations. Revivals broke in the villages of Kamenetz and Malomir, spontaneous prayer meetings arise often, while healings and various miracles are reported almost […] »

25 Years of Miracles: 2003

February Ministry Report (February 27, 2003) We held several training seminars as well as parallel prayer meetings. In the middle of the seminar on healing, a lady from one of the local churches stood and announced that she must leave the meeting because her husband who had a stroke was at home alone. Apparently, he […] »

25 Years of Miracles: 2004

2004 Ministry Strategy (January 11, 2004) Recently, we held another training seminar for the Yambol region. More than 80 local church leaders joined together. Prayer clothes representing the needs of the sick were brought to the meeting, and our team had received a number of healings reports. Among them, Shtiliana Paskova from the village of […] »