Missionaries in Greece Baptize Muslim Refugees

By: Emma Wood A man on a deserted beach, hiding in the dark from those who would harm him, praying with his mentors, and accepting the love of Christ into his heart. Whispering a prayer as he holds his nose submerging himself under the water. Then raising, now washed clean, out of the water as a baptized Christian. A few ... Read More »

Missionaries Get Cash Boost From Assembly Offering of Nearly $750,000

Church of God missionaries received good news following the recent General Assembly held in Orlando, Florida. As a result of a large offering received during the meeting, the personal accounts of more than 50 career missionaries got an infusion of cash... »

Michael and Elaine Shreve, Associate Missionaries to the Philippines

Michael and Elaine are looking forward to returning to the Philippines in early 2022. They both served Word for the World for several years in the late 90’s - early 2000’s. They returned to the States to start a non-profit in Philadelphia, PA. After a few years, they relocated to Stone Mountain, GA where [...] »



Like the rest of us, missionaries must face the loss of a loved one. On Thanksgiving Day, Steven and Candace Day received the news his grandmother had passed away. They were faced with the decision to attempt to change their … Continue reading → »