Storm-Filled World

I saw this fascinating and yet frightening picture of a storm-filled sky and tornado, and as I viewed it, I could see in the picture bits of light behind it, even reflecting to the earth that it would soon cover. As I studied this intriguing panorama, I begin think of storms, both in the physical [...] »

Set Your Affection on Things Above.

You are probably intrigued and wondering about this beautiful picture. I think God let me find it. But first…. these are prophetical days…..God help us to be ready. The Bible is filled with prophetical books, chapters and verses. These days so many intricate and specifically detailed prophecies are really being fulfilled. So many things that [...] »

Emerging Church Movement—The New Face of Heresy

You can have Reformation without Revival – BUT You cannot have Revival without Reformation ! The Emerging Church IS the Laodicean Church – it will birth the Harlot Church of the Tribulation Period. The Emerging Church wants Heaven without the reality of an Hell; The Emerging Church wants Forgiveness without Repentance; The Emerging Church wants Salvation without Regeneration; The Emerg... »

Effectual Prayer

About three summers ago, a late evening thunderstorm, complete with high winds, hail, rain, lightning, and bass drum thunder, caused a hickory tree to topple over our driveway. It took a kind bother-in-law with a wood-burning fireplace, a chainsaw, hard work, and just pure old July heat and humidity-induced sweat to clear it all up. [...] »