Missionaries in Greece Baptize Muslim Refugees

By: Emma Wood A man on a deserted beach, hiding in the dark from those who would harm him, praying with his mentors, and accepting the love of Christ into his heart. Whispering a prayer as he holds his nose submerging himself under the water. Then raising, now washed clean, out of the water as a baptized Christian. A few ... Read More »

Why is Jimmy Carter speaking at Muslim convention?

WASHINGTON — Jimmy Carter is scheduled to be the keynote speaker this weekend at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). To many Americans, that doesn’t warrant more than a shrug of the shoulders, but the planned Saturday appearance is also drawing criticism from some conservatives who say the event looks to be another example of the former president implicitly underc... »

Ever have a Muslim question you on the trinity, and…

Ever have a Muslim question you on the trinity, and…

Ever have a Muslim question you on the trinity, and dogmatically assert you’re wrong no matter what answer you give? The trinity is not only a concept that can be understood by philosophy, but it’s observed in biology that two separate consciouses can be conjoined. Not to say that Jesus and God are conjoined twins, this just shows the two twins have their individual consciousnes, yet biologically ... »

LIVE Online video production for #CHURCHES

Thursday, July 23 at 11am PT / 2pm ET     Join Alden Fertig, Director of Product for Ustream to examine what you need to create compelling, high-quality streaming videos, regardless of your skill level or budget. We’ll look at all the elements of video production, including cameras, microphones, lighting, capture devices, and connectivity requirements. [...] »

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