Pope Earns PhD in Educational Psychology

Dr. Kristin Pope, director of Lee University’s Center for Calling and Career, recently earned her doctorate in educational psychology from Regent University, located in Virginia.    Pope’s dissertation titled “Calling development: […] The post Po... »

Pope Francis Calls For A ‘Paradigm Shift’ In Roman Catholic Theology To ‘Facilitate Collaboration’ With Other Religions Like Buddhism And Atheists

Pope Francis has called for a ‘paradigm shift’ in Catholic theology that takes widespread engagement with contemporary science, culture, and people’s lived experience as an essential starting point. In other words, the One World Religion On a daily basis, Pope Francis continues to do everything we give him credit for doing, which is to be […] The post Pope Francis Calls For A ‘Paradigm Shift’ In R... »


We are galloping toward a one-world melding of religions, and the ramifications are staggering. Pope Francis has now sent a video message to Word of Faith father Kenneth Copeland, urging a reconciliation between Catholics and Charismatics. “The Catholic and Charismatic Renewal is the hope of the Church,” exclaims Anglican Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer, before a group of cheering followers at the Ke... »

Pope fathers charismatics into the Vatican in 2017

Pope fathers charismatics into the Vatican in 2017

Meeting more than 50,000 Catholic charismatics in Rome’s Olympic Stadium, Pope Francis admitted he was not always comfortable with the way they prayed, but he knelt onstage as they prayed for him and over him by singing and speaking in tongues. “In the early years of the charismatic renewal in Buenos Aires, I did not have much love for charismatics,” the pope said June 1. “... »