Fixing to preach on the RAPTURE of #ourCOG

Fixing to preach on the RAPTURE of #ourCOG »

Joel Osteen Believes Homosexuality Is a Sin, but Won’t Preach It

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, spoke with Larry King on his online show, Larry King Now, Monday. Watch him talk about why his ministry attracts Muslims and atheists, how he differs from Billy Graham and why he doesn’t preach on homosexuality. WATCH the FULL VIDEO HERE:   »

Preach Doctrine!

Preach Doctrine!

Thesis: The temptation when preaching is to preach moralistic (bringing application of what we should do in light of the … »

Transgender priest to preach at National Cathedral

WASHINGTON – An openly transgender Episcopal priest is set to preach at Washington National Cathedral. The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, the Episcopal chaplain at Boston University, will be a guest preacher on Sunday. He’ll be the first openly transgender priest to preach from Canterbury Pulpit at the cathedral. The Right Rev. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop, will preside ... »