3 Reasons To Be Skeptical of End Times Teachers

Earlier this month, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) sat down with Jan Markell, radio host of Understanding the Times, and discussed President Barack Obama’s September decision to support vetted Syrian rebels, who she calls terrorists, with equipment and training. In this discussion she said, “This happened and as of today the United States is willingl... »

5 Reasons Christians Love Sharing Bad News

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you noticed the river of terrible news running through your Facebook feed? Spoiler: there's a lot. The more awful the story, the more likely it's going to get shared. In fact, if it's horrific enough, it doesn't even have to be true. One of the things that surprises me most is how many of these horrible news stories […] The post 5 Reasons Christia... »

3 Reasons Trump’s the Ideal Evangelical Candidate

It’s with horror and fascination that I watch Donald Trump jockey to be the Republican candidate for president. It would be an humorous diversion if there weren’t so many people who seem supportive of the idea. It’s almost as if Mike Judge’s classic film Idiocracy was some sort of prophecy. On July 26, 2015, CNN posted the […] The post 3 Reasons Trump&rsquo... »

5 Reasons Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump

5 Reasons Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump »