You Can Engage In Religious Practices, And Still Go Away Empty

You Can Engage In Religious Practices, And Still Go Away Empty

You can engage in religious practices, and still go away empty. #encounter #person #lifechange »

Religious Leaders’ Views on Radical Life Extension

No religious group in the United States has released an official statement on radical life extension. However, here are brief summaries of how some clergy, bioethicists and other scholars from 18 major American religious groups say their traditions might approach this evolving issue. (For an in-depth look at public opinion on radical life extension and […] »

Evangelical Ministers Call on Trump to Protect Religious Freedom

Activists will be holding signs with Christian women wearing head coverings to stand in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors and friends. Ministers ask that Mr. Trump clarify his position on a Muslim Database and ensure that no one is targeted or forced to register because of their religious beliefs. What: Prayer vigil and public witness […] »

New Report Details Brazil’s Changing Religious Landscape

Roman Catholics in Decline, Protestants on the Rise Washington, D.C. — Washington, D.C. July 18, 2013 — As young Catholics begin to gather in Brazil, awaiting the arrival of Pope Francis in celebration of World Youth Day, a new Pew Research Center analysis finds that the share of Brazil’s overall population that identifies as Catholic […] »