General Council Passes Resolution on Marriage and Family

Orlando, FL–The Church of God General Council, meeting in Orlando for the 74th Church of God General Assembly, passed a number of resolutions, including one reaffirming the denomination’s Biblical stance on marriage and family. Resolutions ... »

General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Immigration

The Church of God 74th General Assembly, meeting in session on July 27, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, approved a set of resolutions as recommended by the General Council. One of the resolutions deals with the current societal topic of immigration. The foll... »

RESOLUTION on the current crisis

Dr. Ricky Waldrop Here is the resolution I wrote on the current crisis in Israel and Palestine. It was endorsed by Darío López Rodríguez, Cheryl Bridges Johns and Kenneth J Archer and then submitted to the Resolutions Committee at the General Assembly. Unfortunately an entire different Zionist resolution was submitted and approved for presentation by the CoG Executive Committee over ours. PRAYER A... »

Trinitarians = AD 325 NICEA COUNCIL resolution (Man made doctrine)…

Trinitarians = AD 325 NICEA COUNCIL resolution (Man made doctrine) Oneness= Pentecost day(Spirit filled doctrine) »