Rise Thread locked?

Why? Those answers were not actual answers. Brother Stewart is just saying the guys got elected. But being on the council doesn't make you Holiness. I only know one of the three rise sights but I know for a fact that the pastor there upports using gays as volunteers for services. Why couldn't this be posted under that comment? submitted by /u/PeeDeePentecostal [link] [comments] »

Rise and Go Woke?

Did the conference of an EC member just visit a church that openly supports the use of LGBT individuals as volunteers for Sunday services? That is what I was told. Just trying to confirm, which of the three sites was it? Or was it more than one? If TS ... »

Church on the Rise

WE are on the border of MI and IN. We located the closest church we could find, it is in Elkhart, IN. This is farming country and the church is located in FARM COUNTRY, the surroundings are beautiful fields thousands of acres. Most tilled for planting.... »

RISE Conferences Set for Three Cities

RISE Conferences Set for Three Cities ... »