“It is rational to seek a relationship with God and…

“It is rational to seek a relationship with God and live a deeply Christian life because there is very much to gain and very little to lose.” — Pascal’s Wager Do any of you find this useful or compelling? »

Creflo Dollar Gets Jet After All

Creflo Dollar Will Get a $70 Million Jet After All »

Acts 29 Network to Mars Hill’s Mark Driscoll: ‘Step down’ and ‘seek help’!

A national “church planting” group called Acts 29, cofounded by Mark Driscoll, has removed the senior pastor at Mars Hill Church and the church from membership, with seven board members urging in a letter that he “step down” from ministry and “seek help.” The networking group is self-described as a “trans-denominational peer network of missional church planting churches.” Its title is taken from t... »