Signs, Times, and Seasons :: By Mark A. Becker

Signs, Times, and Seasons are three of the most wonderfully impacting and intriguing words of Scripture. In this study, we will not be examining every instance where these prophetic words are used, but we will investigate many of the most well-known and significant usages of them. Underlined Scripture passages are my own emphasis. Creation would […] The post Signs, Times, and Seasons :: By Mark A.... »

World War III Threatened and Still More Signs :: By Jim Towers

The signs of the times continue without abating. In fact, they are getting to be even more prevalent and devastating. With continents splitting apart and new sightings of UAVs (UFOs), that leaves little doubt of their veracity. It’s only a matter of time before the rapture occurs. A Pentagon insider on the internet revealed today […] The post World War III Threatened and Still More Signs :: By Jim... »

The Signs of the Times: Part 1 – Assessing the Signs :: By Paul J. Scharf

If you work in a retail environment, you’ve already seen them—maybe as early as July, but certainly in August. Yes, you’ve seen the signs! I am referring, of course, to the signs of Christmas. [i] They’re all around you by now. It started with the arri... »

Oxymoronic Signs: Prehistoric Humans & Jewish Atheists :: By Wilfred Hahn

One of the more widely used terms that this writer often encounters is “hunter-gatherers.” It is a name that applies to the sociologic evolution of mankind. A long way back—even millions of years ago apparently—homo sapiens lived like animals. Original... »