Stand In Faith | Jentezen Franklin

Stand In Faith | Jentezen Franklin

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The sinfulness of Conspiracy Theories

This blog posting is an expanded version of the article that appeared in Pneuma Review. It is especially useful for Bible study and adult... »

Pacifism as a Social Stand for Holiness among Early Bulgarian Pentecostals

Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis among Bulgarian Pentecostals (Research presentation prepared for the Society of Pentecostal Studies, Seattle, 2013 – Lakeland, 2015, thesis in partial fulfillment of the degree of D. Phil., Trinity College) When Pentecostalism began to spread rapidly in Bulgaria in the 1920s, it was viewed hostile as by […] »

Socialist gospel has NO Gospel at all!

I would commend to the readers of this interest group two articles from today’s electronic edition of First Things. One is on Cuba, and... »