Polk Revival Two Months and Going Strong

When we wrote back in March and again last month, we could hardly imagine what God had in store for our area. After eight full weeks of revival in Polk County more revivals are on our schedule this month. Swept by the wave of the Spirit, several independent churches have joined in with parallel meetings, thus multiplying the expected attendance exponentially. Initially 7, now 8 churches and multip... »

Got a Strong Plan to Re-Open Churches? THINK AGAIN

Think You Have a Strong Plan to Re-Open? Here’s What MOST Churches Are Missing (Based on conversations with 100+ pastors) I’m still surprised my team agreed to publish this… I’ve been thinking about (okay, stewing about) some things for the last few weeks. It’s probably an indication that I’ve spent way too much time on Zoom meetings. Really. I’m in a healthy place. Emily will vouch for me…I think... »

Is America Under A Strong Delusion? #ourCOG

Is America Under A Strong Delusion? #ourCOG Why We Must Choose Cruz and Dump Trump? Or do we? David Lewayne Porter David M. Hinsen »

I am Strong #shorts | Jentezen Franklin

I am Strong #shorts | Jentezen Franklin

This is “I am Strong #shorts”. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit & subscribe to this channel: Tell us more about what’s going on in your life: Let us pray with you: Share your testimony to encourage us and others: https://je... »

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