Revival is Always Related to Holiness

In 1949, one of the greatest revivals in the history of the United Kingdom took place in the Hebrides. Duncan Campbell, the preacher at the center of the revival, later described how it began. Seven men and two women had decided to pray earnestly for revival. One night, at a prayer meeting held in a   Read More ... »

Gnostic Gospels: Same Old Song

Gnostic Gospels: Same Old Song, Umpteenth Verse Another Liberal egghead has produced yet another book relying on late, specious texts (typically Gnostic in origin) to try to undermine Jesus and the Christian Gospel. Author Wilson is trained mostly in philosophy, with also an S.T.B. from an Anglican school in Toronto, now considers himself an expert   Read More ... »

“His name is John”

“His name is John”. Why? What is the significance of John the baptist being named John? »

Jihan Cox: Sons and Daughters

Hey everybody…I got this today, just came out!!! Love it! – – – Jihan Cox: Sons and Daughters »