Ukraine crisis: Timeline

November 2014 12 November: Nato commander Gen Philip Breedlove says Russian military equipment and Russian combat troops have been seen entering Ukraine in columns over several days. Will Ukraine return to war? 11 November: Dutch efforts to salvage wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines crash site stall over disagreements with local rebel groups. MH17 Dutch memorial day: Air disaster that touched a n... »

Ebola in America 2014 Timeline #ourCOG Roundup

  Nov. 17. 2014 – Dr. Martin Salia, a U.S. resident who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone, died of the virus at Nebraska Medical Center. He was the third patient to be treated there and the only one to have died. Nov. 15, 2014 – Salia, a native of Sierra Leone who lives in the U.S. and is married to a U.S. citizen, arrives at Nebraska Medical Center. He is &... »

Gay Marriage Timeline 2014 #ourCOG Roundup

Jan. 6, 2014 – US Supreme Court Halts Gay Marriages in Utah “The Supreme Court on Monday [Jan. 6, 2014] blocked further same-sex marriages in Utah while state officials appeal a decision allowing such unions. The terse order, from the full court, issued a stay ‘pending final disposition’ of an appeal to the federal appeals court in Denver. It offered no reasoning.” Ja... »

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant 2014 #ISIS TIMELINE #ourCOG Roundup

October 2014[edit] 1 October: The town of Taza Kharmatho was retaken by Peshmerga and Iraqi Army forces, but remained uninhabitable, due to the booby traps that had been left by ISIL.[295] 2 October: The Turkish Parliament voted 298:98 to authorize anti-ISIL operations, following concerns over ISIL advances close to Turkey’s borders. Turkey will allow foreign anti-ISIL military operations to... »