The AI Bubble in View of the End Times :: By Todd Strandberg

We have had artificial intelligence (AI) software for several decades. What is new about this technology is that computers can now create text, images, and videos that previously could only be the product of the human mind. I’ve had a few conversations with AI on the site It quickly became clear that I was […] The post The AI Bubble in View of the End Times :: By Todd Strandberg appeared ... »

When is Genocide Genocide? A Christian Historian’s View

This essay seeks to clarify the word “genocide” which is much overused, and is currently being used against Israel in reference to its war... »

Popular But Dangerous View of the End Times :: By Jonathan Brentner

It’s perhaps the most significant question one can ask today regarding biblical prophecy. The inquiry draws a line in the sand, with each group holding fast to what they believe. The question is this: Will the Lord restore a glorious kingdom to Israel ... »

The Great Commission Point of View

Recently, I bought a new pair of glasses. I obtained my first pair 50 years ago. In a physical sense, vision improvement has been a lifelong quest for me due to various vision changes and challenges I've experienced since early childhood. I've had fars... »