Tuesday March 12: 7 Adar II

It was on this day in the year 1240 that copies of the Talmud possessed by the Jews of France were confiscated by the Church and ultimately destroyed by fire. Book burning seems to have been a popular past time in Europe throughout the ages. We say that because, as we know from recent history, […] »

Friday, October 12

3 Cheshvan On this day in the year 539 B.C.E., King Cyrus of Persia formally occupied the city of Babylon. This marked the end of the empire that, 47 years before, had destroyed Jerusal... »

Monday November 26th: 18 Kislev

Monday November 26th: 18 Kislev In the advertising world, every great marketing campaign is designed to draw attention to a particular label. It is done with the intention to persuade people to buy a particular product. When you go to a store and look at a particular label, if you recognize the name on the […] »

Thursday December 6th: 28 Kislev

Thursday December 6th: 28 Kislev Today’s the 28th day of Kislev, and the fourth day of Hanukkah. When Antiochus IV ordered the erection of an idol in the court of the Temple of God followed by pagan sacrifices upon the altar, many in that era and beyond believed it to be a fulfillment of a […] »