Do you say often: “I’ll pray for you.” BE CAREFUL

Do you say often: “I’ll pray for you.” BE CAREFUL Jayso […] »


[God’s word IS A TREASURE worth hiding in our hea […] »

3 Ways to Get To The Top Of Google in a Week

With billions of search queries going through Google every day, and over 200 million websites online, the Internet is now dominating the way that we interact and do business with one another. Despite these high and growing numbers, unfortunately the fair majority of these sites online are just pages existing in cyberspace without optimization. Significant money can be spent on efforts and aestheti... »

Tennessee pastor goes undercover as homeless man for week

By Tim Parrish, Gannett Tennessee CLARKSVILLE, TENN. – A pastor telling his or her congregation to love others and look out for the welfare of those less fortunate is not a major sermon. It’s said every Sunday from the pulpit by preachers, pastors and ministers all across America. But has it been said so often that people have quit listening or tuned out the message of “living li... »