Up In The ATIK

img-childrenJust a quick heads up about some changes taking place in da’ Atik (our upstairs youth sanctuary) on Wednesday nights.  Starting last Wednesday, there will be three classes offered upstairs in which our young folks will participate.  Brett Fincher and I will be teaching the guys (9-12 and 13-18) and Jamie Fincher and my wife, Debra, will be teaching the young ladies of the Lord (9-12 and 13-18).  Student Ministries Coordinator, Barbara Snyder, will continue teaching the younger children’s class.  And our Tech expert, Joel Tiller, and his wife, Brandy (our administrative guru), are helping coordinate numerous ministry ventures.

We’re excited about the upcoming months, with many of our kids preparing for Youth Camp, which is right around the corner!  Also, there are some cool things on the way (e.g. the guyz are getting ready to go camping; the ladies will have a girlz’ night out [with a bash at the 'Tiller Plaza']; and there is a jam-up lock-in on the horizon [details soon to come]…).  So, call a neighbor, text a friend, let your family know about the tremendous developments underway in da’ Atik!


PS:  All those who would love to help out with the youth ministry (in any way), please contact our Student Ministries Coordinator, Barbara Snyder.