Vick Found Jesus

I was on a retreat during the Vick plea hearing and following press conference. I was able to watch this video for the first time today. Having lived in Atlanta throghout the entire Vick Era, I have to say that I think he did a great job with the apology. It was tiring to hear nearly every other NFL quarterback be able to articulate himself well and then listen to Vick in a post-game conference, radio interview, or other sound byte.

I like that he addresses this from the beginning. He appeared to speak from the heart. I'm glad that he "found Jesus." (that expression always makes me want to ask, "was Jesus lost?") As a fantasy football player, my frustrations with Vick have lasted for years. As an Atlanta resident, I found it difficult to cheer for the Falcons with him as the face of the franchise. However, he is entertaining to watch. I hope that he was as sincere as comes across in this video. I hope that he can resume his NFL career once he serves his sentence. Finally, I hope this reminds people that money does not solve problems, it only reveals problems.