#1 at being #2 I think about all the things that I have done,…

#1 at being #2

I think about all the things that I have done, places I have been, and people I have influenced…


OK, I feel blessed.

BUT, this is not the time to sit still and get complacent in a state of nostalgia.

I know that God has placed ministry in me and if I want to continue to be used of God, I must release what God has placed in me. I refuse to sit still, I refuse to be a consumer, I refuse to give place to the devil. I will not be stagnate and allow my gifts/ministry (which belongs to God anyway) become as the Dead Sea.

Allowing receiving but never giving!

I see this all too often in the ‘church’ world.  Under the disguise of ‘ministry’.

But when I study the word ministry in the Latin [ministerium] it means service. So, to be a true minister you must have the heart of a servant.

When I look at my service it must not only to God, but also to those I am reaching out to. I MUST take on a servant’s heart and do more than just wear the latest fashionable jewelry, shirt, or hat.

I can only pass judgment on myself and keep myself in check. I once was told, “Check it and pull it down” by a certain laity. I always assumed that was about attitude, that’s how they meant it, anyway; but after years of ministry I have found that past my attitude is my character.

Character runs much deeper than attitude!

1 Samuel 16:1-14 We find that Samuel saw Eliab and thought that was his mistake (his thoughts were not God’s thoughts) but then God spoke

v7,“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

God make me not only a servant, make me Your Servant, let my words be Your words, my thoughts be Your thoughts and order my steps in Your Word! That I may hear the you speak..

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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