1 Dec 2023

Horn of Africa floods displace more than two million
More than two million people across the Horn of Africa have been forced from their homes by torrential rains and floods, according to an AFP tally compiled Thursday from government and UN figures.

Netanyahu ends meeting with Blinken, says Israel has ‘sworn to destroy Hamas’ 
“I told him we have sworn, and I have sworn, to destroy Hamas. Nothing will stop us,” he says, reiterating that the war in Gaza will continue until Israel frees all its hostages, vanquishes Hamas and guarantees that no similar threat will ever be posed again from Gaza.

Iran unveils its newest hypersonic missile 
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) unveiled the nation’s cutting-edge hypersonic missile at a ceremony in Tehran attended by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday, local media reported.

Biden Border Crisis Worsens: 9,400 Illegal Aliens Flood Over Southern Border IN LAST 24 HOURS
According to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, there were over 9,400 encounters with illegal aliens at the US southern border in the last 24 hours. Of those, over 5,800 were released into the United States, according to CBP sources who spoke to Bill Melugin

We Are Witnessing An Avalanche Of Branch Closings As U.S. Banks Desperately Try To Stay Alive
If you do things the right way, in the long run you will get positive results.  But if you do things the wrong way, in the long run you will get negative results.  Our banks are the beating heart of our entire economy, and unfortunately they have been doing things the wrong way for a long time.  As a result, the entire system is being greatly shaken.

Ohio’s Pediatric Pneumonia Spike Similar to China’s 
…Warren County Health District (WCHD) officials in Ohio announced an “extremely high” 142 pediatric cases of pneumonia since August. They noted that, “Not only is this above the county average, it also meets the Ohio Department of Health definition of an outbreak.” The average age for the recorded cases of pediatric pneumonia is eight years old, and the outbreak has spread through multiple school districts, according to the WCHD.

REPORT: Pilot And Airline Crew Member On Separate Flights Incapacitated Within One Week
According to The Aviation Herald, the airline industry has experienced two additional incapacitations this month. The two reported incidents took place within six days of each other. The first incident occurred on November 20th, while the second happened on November 26th.

Illegal Border Crossers Given GPS Coordinates to Enter Texas
As illegal aliens continue to flood the southwest border, it has been revealed that these foreign nationals are provided with GPS coordinates that enable them to gather at specific locations on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande to cross en masse.

Mayor Adams “Defunds the Police” — and More — to Pay for MIGRANT Services
Could you imagine telling your kids that you weren’t going to have money for home security, their schoolbooks, or grandma’s meals because you want to support some squatters who invaded your property? This is analogous to what’s now happening in New York City, where left-wing Mayor Eric Adams has announced budget cuts to pay for the “migrant crisis.” This includes slashing Gotham’s police force to 29,000 cops — the lowest level since the mid ’90s. Note here that police morale is already low in the wake of Black Lives Matter-movement-oriented attacks on law enforcement.

Russia’s supreme court bans ‘international LGBT movement’ 
Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday approved a ban on what authorities call an “international LGBT public movement,” the independent Mediazona news outlet reported, a move that activists warn could effectively put all LGBT Russians at risk of criminal prosecution.

Exorcist warns against attending Taylor Swift concerts due to witchcraft
As pop singer Taylor Swift continues her “Eras Tour” around the globe, some fans have raised concerns about a song that she performs during concerts. An American exorcist priest has issued a warning that such concerns are valid, saying that part of Swift’s performance imitates witchcraft and may draw demons at concert venues.

Europe Braces for Onslaught of Illegals as Niger, Backed by Russia, Reopens Migration Routes in Hopes of Destabilizing the Continent
The African country Niger played a significant role in helping Europe limit the influx of migrants through the Sahara and across the Mediterranean since 2015. However, the local military junta has now repealed the corresponding law, paving the way for increased African mass migration.

Germany: Two Muslim Teenagers with Foreign Backgrounds Arrested for Planning Terror Attack Against a Synagogue or Christmas Market 
Two teenagers (15 and 16) are said to have called for a “Holy War” against the West in a Telegram video and announced a terrorist attack in Cologne. The intelligence agency identified and subsequently arrested them.

Survey: Palestinians Overwhelmingly Support Hamas and Islamic Jihad
Contrary to claims from some on the left in the debate surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, support for the Islamic terrorist group remains high in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, even weeks after the brutal massacre on October 7. The atrocities of that day, including rape, kidnapping, and torture of infants, also garner significant support among Muslims.

Now DENMARK battles surge in same type of ‘white lung syndrome’ pneumonia sparking fears in China – after Netherlands warned of alarming spike in cases
Denmark is currently being hit by a surge in the same type of pneumonia that has rocked China and sparked fears of a fresh pandemic. Danish health chiefs say rates of mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacterial infection for which some antibiotics are useless, has reached ‘epidemic’ levels.

Philippines notifies WHO it rejects the amendments to International Health Regulations “in toto”
On Tuesday, the House of Representatives (“HOR”) of the Republic of the Philippines passed a resolution to reject the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) adopted by the World Health Assembly (“WHA”) on 27 May 2022.  Additionally, the resolution rejected proposed amendments that are “currently being negotiated in secret” by the WHA and due for adoption by member states in May 2024.

COVID Vaccines linked to Explosive Rates of Cancer Deaths in Young People with 4x Vaccinated Teens, Young Adults & Middle-Aged up to SHOCKING 318% more likely to Die of any cause than the Unvaccinated
A report quietly published by the UK Government department known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shockingly reveals people aged 18 to 49 who have received four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are up to 318% more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated people aged 18 to 49. This means we have found the cause of excess deaths being so high across the West and young people dying of cancer across the UK at an explosive rate.

TikTok’s Tallie Dar: Jihadi Agenda Revealed – Erasing Israel, Spreading Sharia, Attacking Christianity, Islamizing the West 
Tallie Dar’s opposition to integration mirrors the strategic use of Islamic migration, hijrah, following the historical model set by Muhammad. His goal is not to assimilate but to shape the host country into a hub for attracting Islamic migrants and converting natives. This exemplifies a deliberate endeavor to transform Western nations into Islamic entities.

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