11 Dec 2023

Destructive tornadoes strike Tennessee, leaving six dead and widespread damage, U.S. 
A series of destructive tornadoes swept through Tennessee on December 9, 2023, hitting areas including Nashville and Clarksville. At least 6 people have been killed, including two adults and one child in Montgomery County, and more than 23 people were injured. The tornadoes caused extensive property damage, downed trees and power lines, and led to widespread power outages, affecting thousands of residents across the state.

Netanyahu: Hamas terrorists surrendering by the dozens 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday night confirmed the authenticity of photos and videos showing dozens of Hamas terrorists surrendering to the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip.

The Satanic Temple sets up public display inside Iowa Capitol building: ‘Very dark, evil force’
A satanic altar has been set up at the Iowa State Capitol. The Satanic Temple erected the public display, depicting a ram’s head with mirrors covering it, propped by a mannequin in red clothing, according to KCCI Des Moines. Co-founder of The Satanic Temple, Lucien Greaves, told the news outlet that the display represents the group’s right to religious freedom.

Spain: Imam Arrested for Indoctrinating Children to Embrace Islam and Join Islamic State Jihadis 
Islamic terrorists, such as those in ISIS, and individuals like this Imam operating in Spain, explicitly conduct their acts in the name of Allah and for the cause of Islam and Islamic law, a pattern that has been globally and historically observed.

Human Trafficking Kills: 1,000 ‘Unmarked Graves’ on EU Migrant Routes
A report in the Guardian newspaper on the growing phenomenon of unmarked graves across Europe highlights the exceptional danger migrants are put in by callous people smugglers, who grow rich on human suffering and hollow promises.

California retailers that refuse to have gender-neutral toys for children will be FINED up to $500 under new ultra woke Gavin Newsom law – after uproar over LGBT toys sold during Pride week 
California retailers that refuse to have a gender-neutral section for children will be fined up to $500 under Gavin Newsom’s new bill.

‘Top secret’ migrant camp caught operating out of empty aircraft hanger in Texas
President Joe Biden’s lax border policies have created a situation that grows more dystopian by the day.

Brazil to Mandate COVID Shots for Children as Young as 6 Months
The Brazilian Ministry of Health has added the COVID-19 vaccine to the country’s National Immunization Program (PNI) for children 6 months to 5 years old, Agência Brasil reported.

Richer countries seek to grab large swathes of land in Africa as “carbon credits” to offset their own carbon emissions – it’s a colossal scam
As has become commonplace at such gatherings, the theme this week at the United Nations Climate Summit (“COP28”) has been reducing carbon emissions. The underlying, more sinister theme is to reduce emissions worldwide and is tantamount to modern-day colonialism.

An explosive new study describing “unintended immune responses” from mRNA injections has dropped a tactical nuke on Pfizer
Last Wednesday, The Telegraph published an article on a study that showed one in four who had Moderna or Pfizer Covid jabs experienced an unintended immune response.  This “unintended immune response,” The Telegraph reported, was created by a “glitch” in the way the vaccine was read by the body.

To Make Them Cheaper
The Biden administration has proposed a new rule that would let the government seize the patents of expensive drugs developed with federal funding.

NHS Under Fire: Whistleblower Claims Patients Were Unjustly Euthanized to Falsely Inflate COVID Pandemic Toll
An NHS whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward with allegations that the NHS hospitals were not overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as was reported by authorities and the mainstream media. The whistleblower also confirmed that the little care given throughout the pandemic amounted to negligence, and that the government and NHS bosses essentially instructed staff to let people die, or in some cases kill them through the ‘End of Life Care’ programme and falsely label the deaths as being due to Covid-19.

“People Have Spoken”: Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll
“The people have spoken, and so it shall be,” Elon Musk posted on X in reply to a poll on Saturday asking users whether to reinstate Alex Jones’ account. “Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform?” Musk asked. Nearly two million X users voted, with more than 70% voting in favor of Jones’ return.

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