11 June 2024

Series of small earthquakes near large faults in Southern California sparks public concern 
Southern California experienced a series of small earthquakes between May 31 and June 5, 2024, affecting populated areas from Santa Barbara to Newport Beach and sparking public concern. Experts say the quakes occurred near large, potentially dangerous faults but are not predictive of a larger quake.

Millions in southwestern U.S. under Excessive Heat Warning 
Southwestern U.S. is bracing for another dangerous heat wave, just a week after the region battled scorching temperatures. Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect for over 9 million people.

Biden admin issues worldwide ‘travel warning’ for unspecified attacks against ‘LGBTQI persons’
This June is under a travel advisory for “worldwide caution” for unspecified potential violence against homosexual and gender-confused Americans, according to the U.S. State Department under pro-LGBT President Joe Biden.

China Tightens Grip on African Media, Pushes Anti-America Messaging
The Chinese communist regime has annexed media spaces across Africa, severely restricting citizens’ access to fair and accurate news, while allowing Beijing to spread anti-American messaging at will, according to separate research completed by two authorities on China’s activities on the continent.

A Political And Spiritual Battle: Why The Arab World Has No Claim Over Jerusalem
The October 7th war between Israel and Hamas boils down to one city, Jerusalem. Is Jerusalem really holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims? This question is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is not only a political matter but also a religious and spiritual one.

9th Circuit: L.A. school employees can sue over COVID vaccine mandate
Even though Los Angeles Unified dropped its COVID vaccine mandate for school staff almost a year ago, a lawsuit accusing the district of violating workers’ rights can still move forward, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday.

US gov’t scientists received $710 million from Big Pharma during COVID, watchdog finds
Scientists affiliated with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) received $710 million in royalties from medical companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data uncovered by government spending watchdog Adam Andrzejewski.

20 New Boeing Whistleblowers Emerge to Expose the Company’s Dangerous Practices in Airplane Manufacturing 
20 new credible whistleblowers formerly employed by Boeing or their subcontractors are speaking out to raise awareness of the military defense contractor’s dangerous practices in manufacturing airplanes – even following the mysterious death of the most prominent Boeing whistleblower.

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