14 Apr 2024

Texas to Wisconsin in target zone for new round of severe weather next week
The FOX Forecast Center is tracking the evolution of a classic springtime storm system that could trigger a multi-day severe weather outbreak during the start of the workweek.

Where cicadas will be found this year 
Some of the nation’s top bug experts are warning that the coming months may be less peaceful than residents trying to get a good night’s sleep would like, as two groups of periodical cicadas emerge from the ground with their sometimes-deafening shriek

UPDATE: 7 Dead in Sydney Mall Mass Stabbing Attack Including Mother of 9-month-old Baby – Policewoman Shoots Him Dead – Authorities Say They Are ‘Unsure of Motive’
A mass stabbing took place on Saturday at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia on Saturday. The terrorist murdered seven people, including at least five women and one man, in the deadly attack. Authorities say they are unsure of the killer’s motive.

Fighter jets strike Hezbollah compounds in southern Lebanon
After over 40 rocket launches from Lebanon crossed into Israeli territory on Friday, the IDF responded by striking the sources of fire, the military stated. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the launches. No injuries were reported in Israel as a result of the rocket fire.

“We Will Overcome All of Our Enemies!” – BREAKING: Israel Retaliates to Iran Missile Attacks! – Netanyahu Releases Statement – 3 Iran Drones Hit Inside Kermanshah, Iran
For decades Iran has promised to “wipe Israel off the map.” Today the Iranian regime launched a series of aerial attacks on Israel from Iranian soil. This was an unprecedented attack. Israel vowed to retailiate. Iran officially launched a massive drone attack against Israel, a development that could spark an all-out war and draw in more countries.

Iranian Commandos Seize Israeli-Linked Cargo Ship in the Strait of Hormuz
While the whole world looks to the sky in anxious anticipation of the expected Iranian retaliation against Israel for the strike on its Damascus embassy, trouble started in the waters of the Strait of Hormuz.

Mystery as Underwater Anomaly Larger Than Texas Spotted off African Coast
wave anomaly captured by a weather-mapping system sparked a global mystery this week—with some internet sleuths even claiming it proves the existence of aliens.

Biden Admin Targets Lightbulbs as Part of Climate Agenda
The Biden administration is now taking aim at lightbulbs as part of its climate agenda, announcing Friday new efficiency standards that will “slash harmful greenhouse gas pollution” and set levels that can only be met by LED bulbs.

Planned Parenthood ordered to turn over gender transitions on minors documents in Missouri 
Today, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey released the following statement after he obtained a court order from St. Louis City Circuit Court forcing Planned Parenthood-St. Louis to hand over documents exposing gender transition interventions performed on children:

In A World Encased In Violence, Prophecy Is The Stabiliser Of Our Faith 
As we open the daily news, there is one action that is guaranteed to be reported: violence. No matter which country you live in, violence is a fact of everyday life and is only growing worse. I am sure I am not alone when I say that most days, I lift my eyes to the heavens and ask, “How long, o Lord, how long?”

Bill Gates and the UN impose their digital IDs on Sierra Leoneans
The West African nation of Sierra Leone is at full throttle with its digital transformation efforts, and its MOSIP-based foundational identity system is the nucleus of this project. The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (“MOSIP”) is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiative that provides a platform on which all countries can build their own digital ID system “for free.”

New York City Council Opens Meeting by Praising Allah as the Supreme Lord of the World
The New York City Council opened its Thursday meeting with an invocation praising Allah, recognized in Islam as the supreme deity.

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