15 May 2024

Rapidly spreading Canadian wildfires force thousands to evacuate, degrade air quality in U.S.
Multiple wildfires burning in British Columbia and Manitoba have forced thousands of people to evacuate and spread hazardous smoke into the northern United States, prompting air quality alerts.

Texas, Louisiana face additional rounds of heavy thunderstorms
Relentless rounds of showers and even strong to severe thunderstorms are expected to plague the South through at least Saturday with some areas in store for upwards of a half-foot of additional rainfall.

The Sun Is Not Done Yet – Another Absolutely Gigantic “Warning Shot” Was Just Sent Our Way
The sun just unleashed a monstrous X-class flare, and hardly anyone noticed.  The X8.7 solar flare that we just witnessed was the largest one of this entire solar cycle.

Trudeau government pledges $1.7 million to target pro-family African nations with LGBT propaganda
The Canadian Liberal government has promised $1.7 million in taxpayer dollars to push the LGBT agenda abroad and to target pro-family laws in Africa.

Japan’s most senior cancer doctor: COVID shots are ‘essentially murder’ 
The most senior medical oncologist in Japan recently slammed the COVID-19 mRNA shots as “the work of evil” that has caused “essentially murder.”

Target (TGT) Pride Products to Be Pulled From Some Stores
Target Corp. won’t sell LGBTQ-themed merchandise in some stores during Pride Month in June, after a backlash dented revenue last year.

Cancer ‘is our new Covid’ – Pfizer CEO 
American drug manufacturer Pfizer has its sights set on the cancer treatment market now that the Covid-19 pandemic is over and global demand for its vaccines and coronavirus drugs is falling, CEO Albert Bourla told Fox Business on May 1.

Germany: Young AfD politician convicted for publishing gang rape statistics in connection with Afghan migration
Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Marie-Thérèse Kaiser has now been convicted for publishing gang rape statistics in response to news that Afghan migrants would be moved to her district.

German Court Allows Intelligence Monitoring of Conservative AfD Party Over ‘Threat to Democracy,’ Could Ban It Altogether
A court in Germany has approved the intelligence monitoring of the Alternative for Germany (AFD) political party on the grounds that it poses a “threat to democracy.”

Erdogan boasts: More than 1,000 Hamas members are treated in Turkey
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday boasted of the fact that more than 1,000 members of the Hamas terrorist organization were being treated in hospitals across Turkey…He also rebuked the Greek Prime Minister, after he referred to Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Trudeau government has spent $10 million promoting DEI in the military as recruitment flounders 
Canada’s Department of National Defence has spent nearly $10 million on so-called diversity, equity and inclusion programs since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015.

Out Of Control Inflation: It Now Takes At Least $177,798 For A Family Of 4 To Live Comfortably In The U.S.
I never imagined that we would ever see a time when it takes $177,798 for a family of four to live comfortably in the United States. Unfortunately, that day has arrived. Our leaders have been pursuing highly inflationary policies for many years, and now we have reached a point where inflation is wildly out of control.

3 pioneering medical interventions hailed as giving hope for the future have catastrophically failed 
Two recent cases of hugely costly invasive implantations carried out on single volunteers have ended in setbacks or death.  One involved a transplant of a kidney from a genetically modified pig into a human and the other an implant of a Neuralink brain chip.

From one colonial master to another; China’s ongoing takeover of Africa and its natural resources
For years, China has been playing its own part in a neo-colonial struggle for influence in Africa. Rather than seeking a military footprint on the continent as, for example, the US has done, China has been engaged in “chequebook diplomacy.” The Secret Battle for resource rich Africa isn’t over yet, James Corbett writes. In fact, it’s just getting underway.

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