18 June 2024

Summer snow in Montana, NWS issues rare June Winter Storm Watch 
An unexpected cold front is bringing a wintry mix to Montana just as summer approaches. With a Winter Storm Watch in effect, heavy snow is expected in the high elevations of the Rockies, disrupting travel and creating hazardous conditions.

Extremely heavy rains hit Abidjan, causing deadly floods, Ivory Coast 
Severe flooding hit Ivory Coast’s largest city, Abidjan, after heavy rains triggered devastating floods and landslides on Thursday, June 13, 2024. The floods caused widespread disruption, claiming the lives of at least 8 people, injuring at least 18, and overwhelming the city’s infrastructure. Unconfirmed reports on Monday, June 17, mention as many as 61 fatalities.

Record-breaking heat wave forecast from Midwest to Northeast, U.S.
NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) is forecasting record-breaking heat to expand from the Midwest and Great Lakes to the Northeast this week, potentially lingering through early next week. The duration of this heat wave is notable and potentially the longest experienced in decades for some locations.

Extreme rainfall, deadly floods and landslides hit China’s Fujian, forcing 36 000 to evacuate 
Extremely heavy rains in southeast China’s Fujian province over the past 7 days caused severe flooding and landslides, in which at least 4 people lost their lives and 2 remain missing. Hundreds of homes have been damaged, and at least 36,000 people were forced to evacuate.

Hezbollah bigger challenge than Hamas to Israel: ‘Crown jewel in the Iranian empire of terror’
Israel on the verge of a third full-blown war against Hezbollah because of the Lebanese organization’s constant firing of deadly missiles, drones and rockets, the differences and similarities between Hezbollah and Hamas are now under the microscope.

The Masses Are Being Deceived… We Must Speak Up And Share Biblical Truth
…the comments section fills with accusations that Christians must be “closet gays” because of how much they “obsess” over LGBTQ. Now, of course, that’s not the case—we’re not obsessed (honestly, there are many, many things we’d rather talk about!), but we do speak to this issue often because, well, the culture is obsessed with it!

Sharia Police and Hatred of Jews: How Primary Schools are Becoming Islamized 
The Austrian government advocates for mandatory democracy and ethics education to counter radical influences but fails to address that these influences are rooted in authentic Islamic teachings, a reality often sanitized by Western governments and media, thereby endangering non-Muslims.

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