19 Feb 2024

Extreme cold event in BC causes near-total crop failure, Canada 
The British Columbia wine industry is bracing for unprecedented crop losses due to an extreme cold event in January 2024, with preliminary estimates forecasting a production decrease of 97 – 99%, resulting in industry-wide revenue losses between $440 – 445 million.

California braces for more flooding, landslides from multiday atmospheric river
Just as millions of Californians catch a break from a powerful Pineapple Express storm that impacted the state at the start of the weekend, a multiday atmospheric river storm is underway and bringing a renewed threat of flash flooding, mudslides and landslides.

London Muslim Mayor Picks Tranny Hookers Over Queen 
Satire is practically pointless nowadays. I’ve done plenty of satire over the years, and I doubt that I could make up wilder headlines than the reality. Take this one up above. I’d like to say that I made it up, but we ended up living in a world in which it’s just everyday reality.

Christians protest German bill to crack down on pro-life prayers | World News
Christians in Germany are expressing their concerns over a proposed bill that aims to establish censorship zones around abortion facilities, potentially penalizing pro-life prayers and offers of help, with fines up to €5,000, or $6,300. The bill, criticized for its vague language and questionable necessity, seeks to prevent actions the government deems “confusing” or “disturbing” within 100 meters of such facilities.

College LGBT Ash Wednesday claims Bible is ‘Christian fake news’
Two Christian student organizations are facing backlash over their sponsorship of an LGBT Ash Wednesday event that claimed Christianity is “often a face of intolerance” and the Gospel endorses homosexuality.

U.S. Census to Ask Questions on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation for First Time 
The United States Census is planning to introduce questions on gender identity and sexual orientation for the first time in its history, according to The Associated Press.

Christian parents of 4 killed for confessing faith in Jesus
A formerly Muslim couple in eastern Uganda, parents of four young children, were slashed to death on Feb. 2, two months after putting their faith in Christ, sources said.

Biden Regime Uses Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Research into Trash-Fed Crickets for Human Consumption
In a controversial move, the Biden regime’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) has allocated $130,000 in federal funds to support research into cultivating crickets as a protein source using municipal landfill waste.

Canadian Grandmother’s Fight Against a Small-Town Public School’s Sexual Targeting of Her 11-Year-Old Granddaughter 
“They were exposed to shocking materials – sex toys, packers [penis-shaped products to stuff in your pants], and other explicit items. She was only 11!”

Watch: Horrifying Video Shows Foreign Infiltration in a German City Center
Numerous German cities are grappling with the challenge of foreign infiltration. A brief video making rounds on Instagram highlights this issue, with Bochum serving as a prime example, stirring intense reactions from residents who feel overwhelmed and fed up.

Pentagon Secretly Institutionalized DEI In Its K-12 Public Schools
During Congressional hearings last spring, Gil Cisneros, then-Under Secretary for Military Readiness, announced that the Pentagon was closing its newly formed Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within its K-12 school system and reassigning its controversial DEI chief after a ten-month internal investigation.

America’s First 15-Minute City Has Been Created In Tempe, Arizona – Do Residents Know What’s in Store for Them? 
A Tempe, Arizona, neighborhood has been named “Culdesac” and is America’s first example of a 15-minute city, a vision of the World Economic Forum and the globalist cult, who are pitching the concept as being more environmentally friendly. Instead of seeing this development as a dystopian nightmare, Culdesac residents appear to be thrilled at their new way of life. Do they have any idea what they have in store for them?

Government Floats Plan To Freeze Bank Accounts Of ‘Right Wing Extremists’ In Germany
The German government has announced a plan to target the bank accounts of people who donate money to groups and causes deemed to be ‘right wing extremists.’

Is America ‘On The Precipice Of Christian Invisibility’?
Americans are rejecting God and following their hearts to destruction and emptiness. A sobering conclusion to a brand-new study is that it appears America “is on the precipice of Christian invisibility.” The new study from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University reveals the five core beliefs rejected by 8- to-12-year-olds are: the Bible, absolute truth, means to salvation, the purpose of life, and success.

Top UN official branded ‘collaborator of Hamas’ for saying it’s not terrorist organization
A top United Nations official has been slammed as “pathetic” and a “collaborator of Hamas” after he claimed the group is not a terrorist organization.

A New You: Unveiling the Unexpected Personality Changes After COVID Vaccination
In this video, experts explain how the mRNA “trans”jections not only cause physical damage to organs but also damage the small capillaries in the brain, overriding the blood-brain barrier and eventually, leading to massive personality changes.  They also discussed how the mRNA injections are literally breaking the will of some of those who received them.

NHS Document confirms Staff were ordered to administer Midazolam; a drug that causes life-threatening breathing problems to alleged “COVID-19” Patients
An official NHS document proves that NHS staff were told respiratory depressing drugs “should not be withheld due to inappropriate concerns” about using them to treat Covid-19; a respiratory disease.

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